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Rather than going through your grief-healing journey alone, surround yourself with other women who support your success and have got your back. If you're ready to be supported in a safe community, and have amazing breakthroughs, join us!

Whether you're in the early stages of a loss or it's been decades, it's never too soon to get support. When your body holds onto memories and emotions from the past, the bad energy gets trapped and can sabotage your future, or cause illness. Learn how you can release your pain with signature methods only available to the community.

  • q-iconHow will this help me?

    This safe and private community will help you heal if you’ve experienced any type of grief or loss, have been wronged by someone or you’re holding on to anger, blame, resentment, guilt, basically any type of emotional baggage that is sabotaging your life . Grief is commonly associated with a death, but it’s more than death, we also experience grief and loss over many other experiences.

  • q-iconWho is this for?

    Anyone who has experienced grief or loss which comes in many forms:

    divorce, the end of a meaningful relationship, sexual abuse, moving or change in living conditions, the death of a pet, loss of job, personal injury or illness, change in health of family member, change in financial situation, loss of pregnancy, loss dreams and hopes that were taken away,  sexual changes or difficulties, child leaving home, beginning or end of school year, disenfranchised grief – when your loss is not recognized by friends and loved ones, plus many more.

  • q-iconIs this the right time for me?

    It doesn’t matter whether your grief or loss happened today or decades ago. Everyone heals at their own pace and no grief or loss is worse than another, it’s unique to you. The goal is to help you to release the bad emotions trapped in your body, so you feel freer and lighter and go on to conquer your future.

Busy Life? No Worries, I've Got You Covered!

We seem to lead such busy lives today. Don't worry I've got you covered. You can listen or watch while you're online at the supermarket, commuting, driving the kids around, working out, cooking whether you're on-the-go, or at home,  you can do this. And it's all PG rated so you might want to encourage your partner, family or friends to listen along with you!

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About Carol: through my personal experience of losing a loved one to suicide, I know all about how holding onto pain can keep you stuck in life. Along my journey to healing, I learned a signature process that allowed me to release the pain, feel lighter, freer and get my life back.  Now I want to share this process with you!

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